Spesifikasi :
ST (Ujung baja, selalu safety)
Electric Hazard ( memenuhi standar ASTM F2413-05 1/75, melindungi pemakai dari open circuit up to 600 volts dalam kondisi kering)
SRX (extreme slip resistant) (anti slip, mencegah anda ketika licin di medan extreme, melebihi standard anti slip biasa)
Ergo (insole mengikuti kontur kaki anda sehingga fit, stabil, fleksibel dan nyaman dipakai)
Waterproof (anti air agar kaki anda selalu kering)

Cat boots are built to protect. Whether it is protection from slipping, falling objects or wet feet we will have you covered. The Threshold Waterproof work boot is made with seamed seals for water protection, an incredibly slip resistant outsole that exceeds ASTM standards and full grain leather for extreme abrasion resistance. All this and a great value makes this boot hard to beat, literally.
” Steel Toe
” Waterproof
” EH
” Slip Resistant
” ERGO Technology