ST (Ujung baja, selalu safety)
Electric Hazard ( memenuhi standar ASTM F2413-05 1/75, melindungi pemakai dari open circuit up to 600 volts dalam kondisi kering)
Slip resistant (anti slip, mencegah anda ketika licin)
Waterproof (anti air agar kaki anda selalu kering)
Flexion (fleksibel mengikuti kontur lapangan, meredam kejut dan mengembalikan energy)
Oil resistant (anti minyak,tahan untuk dilapangan yang berminyak)

A classic 6 boot, the Generator is super innovative and incorporates many new technologies. Fully welted yet super flexible (Flexion) it is one of the lightest weight and most flexible boots on the market. The internal footbed and outsole have been developed ergonomically to work with the foots gait cycle thus minimizing foot fatigue. Our objective is to provide you with a boot that you dont know youre wearing, so that you can get on with the day job!
Nylon Mesh lining
Removable EVA sock liner for comfort
Rubber (SRX)