Device CT WP dark beige

Spesifikasi :
Composite Toe (CT) Ujung terbuat dari bahan komposit, lebih ringan dari baja namun tetap kuat dan safety sesuai standard ASTM, tidak terdeteksi metal detector.
Electric Hazard ( memenuhi standar ASTM F2413-05 1/75, melindungi pemakai dari open circuit up to 600 volts dalam kondisi kering)
Slip resistant (anti slip, mencegah anda ketika licin)
Waterproof (anti air agar kaki anda selalu kering)

Demanding work days call for demanding a lot out of your work boot. We built Device to live up to what you need, and maybe a little more. With our new Nano Toe technology designed to keep you safe without extra weight. Waterproof so that wet socks are never a worry. EASE comfort technology thatll make the end of the day feel as good the beginning. Your days have needs – these boots have your back.

Full Grain Leather Upper
Nylon Mesh Lining
Nylon Mesh Sock Liner
EASE Midsole
T1320 Outsole
Cement Construction